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Community INELSEV

Community INELSEV consists of the parent company INELSEV Group a.s. and subsidiaries INELSEV s.r.o., INELSEV Service s.r.o., INELSEV MOTORS s.r.o., INELSEV control s.r.o., INELSEV INVENT s.r.o., FeEltech s.r.o., INELSEV ZPA s.r.o., INELSEV ENERGIE s.r.o. The parent company does not provide services to entities outside the community.

INELSEV s.r.o. delivers and technological investment units, has its own project and assembly capacities in electrical and instrumentation and control. Delivery and completion of construction and machine parts provide partner companies, as well As technology projects and proposals.

INELSEV Servis s.r.o., performs maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment, measurement and control, including air conditioning, air conditioning and technological cooling. Performs repairs, adjustments and metrological verification of meters and other components of measurement and control. It also repairs motors and other electrical components.

INELSEV MOTORY s.r.o., performs repairing of rotating and non-rotating electric machines and devices, diagnostics, production of a piece of electric motors.

At the community are further associated companies INELSEV control s.r.o., INELSEV INVENT s.r.o., FeEltech s.r.o., INELSEV ENERGIE s.r.o. These companies provide highly qualified services in the field of control systems, computer technology, data transmission, production of low voltage switchboards and complex deliveries in the field of measurement and control, automation and weak and heavy current distributions.

INELSEV ZPA s.r.o. offers comprehensive services in the field of electric, from expert advice, through project activities to follow-realization. Performs initial and periodic inspections of all electrical equipment.

Community structure INELSEV

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